vineyard autumn leaves

Historical context Why measuring sap flow leads to understanding nutrient uptake? All vine organs are connected via the sap. Thanks to the flow of sap, nutrients are distributed to plant organs. For the last 10 years sap flow technogies have given new insights into how much water flows from vine […]


A new technique to manage irrigation in the vineyard The regulation of vine transpiration is a fundamental process that determines the harvest quality. Continuously monitoring the vine transpiration helps to characterize the intensity of water deficit. Transpiration level reflects the simultaneous effects of climate, water, soil and varietal on water […]


Several definitions exist to characterize grape berry maturity: technological, aromatic, polyphenolic, and enological:   Technological maturity is the time point beyond which berries do not accumulate more sugar and do not lose any more acidity. Phenolic maturity takes into account the quantitative and qualitative evolution of the berry polyphenols in the skin (anthocyanin […]


Fruition Sciences attended the Giesco conference, which took place in Gruissan and Montpellier, France between May 31st and June 5th. The Giesco is an international group of experts in viticulture who discuss findings about the newest trends in vineyard research and their consequences on fruit and wine composition. Because the group involves […]