CONTEXT An australian researcher team led by Cooley have compared different levels of water deficit severity to analyze their effect on berry and wine composition (Cabernet Sauvignon). Interestingly their results show that the more limited irrigation regime, (ie. the  “prolonged” deficit irrigation) can improve the consistency of wine quality. By […]

Introduction Vines with too much yield are often maturing too slowly or producing a fruit of suboptimal quality for wine. A typical practice to reduce yield and hasten maturity with high vigor vines consists of shoot thinning. The removal of undesired shoots reduces canopy density and crop load. However, if this […]

Continuing with the 2017 Napa Vintage Report presentation summaries, today’s article is focused on winegrape phenology with Elizabeth M. Wolkovich, and ripening dynamics with Nicolas Bernard. Modeling the future of winegrape phenology As the second scientific speaker following the keynote address at the Napa Vintage Report, Elizabeth M. Wolkovich,  Assistant Professor, Department of Organismic […]

Throughout the Vintage Report, Thibaut Scholasch, PhD, co-Founder and VP of Research and Development at Fruition Sciences, highlighted data trends during the 2017 growing season via transitional talks between the Vintage Report’s various speakers.  He placed the day’s speakers and topics within the context of the growing season, and shared […]

The 2017 Napa Vintage Report kicked off with Gregory V. Jones PhD., Director of Wine Education and professor and research climatologist in the Department of Environmental Studies at Linfield College, presenting on the state of the North American climate. According to the observations, the vintage was marked by 2017 being the […]