In most winegrowing countries, organic viticulture is gaining more and more importance. However, in most non-European countries organic viticulture is still in the initial stages.   Organic cropping systems are considered more sustainable than conventional cropping systems from an environmental standpoint. Reganold and his colleagues have reported that organically farmed […]

What’s your idea of the vineyard of the future? As we discussed in a previous entry, vineyard owners are increasingly opting for mechanized solutions to harvesting, irrigation and other farming tasks. With latest available technologies, vineyard owners enjoy better farm productivity, improved product quality and consistency and higher sales and […]

Historical context Why measuring sap flow leads to understanding nutrient uptake? All vine organs are connected via the sap. Thanks to the flow of sap, nutrients are distributed to plant organs. For the last 10 years sap flow technogies have given new insights into how much water flows from vine […]