The Multiplex Sensor: Description

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Multiplex sensor

Made in France by Fruition Sciences’ partner Force-A, the multiplex sensor is a non-destructive hand-held sensor that uses light to excite specific molecules within the plant tissues.

Multiplex sensor Figure 1: The Multiplex sensor scanning a cluster

Multiplex also records GPS locations of each measurement. This enables users to locate measurement points and create a map if needed.

The Multiplex sensor has mostly been used by universities in the past and many academic papers have been written as a result. Recently Fruition Sciences started to distribute Multiplex in the US in order to provide this unique ability to analyze berry maturity.


Fruition Sciences offers two separate Multiplex services.  These include:
  • Multiplex Signature which measures total anthocyanin accumulation within the berry skin from veraison on.
  • Multiplex Map which analyzes spatial distribution of total anthocyanin within a vineyard.

Check out the following articles for more details regarding these two solutions: Multiplex Signature; Multiplex Map.

You can also find a video about Multiplex here.

Fruition Sciences

At Fruition Sciences, we acknowledge uniqueness, natural abilities and potential growth for plants and people. While respecting tradition, we provide winemakers with a highly integrated, terroir and vintage specific, data driven web application.

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