What is Multiplex Signature and How to use it?

Multiplex Signature

What is Multiplex Signature?

Multiplex Signature collects data on the same plants over multiple dates to reveal the speed of color accumulation. The measurements are typically done between veraison and harvest.

Multiplex Signature

Figure 1: Timeline showing fruit development period; Multiplex measurement are made during the “measuring period” in red


Multiplex Signature is a non-destructive measurement. All data points collected by Multiplex Signature are connected to GPS technology to align each measurement with its actual location within the vineyard.

Once collected, the raw data is used to create the anthocyanin accumulation profile and is immediately available on Fruition Analytics.

Here is the classic shape of a total anthocyanin time profile. Notice that after a certain date, total anthocyanins may start to degrade, particularly when fruit is exposed to high temperatures.

Multiplex Signature

Figure 2: Time profile of total anthocyanin accumulation revealed by Multiplex Signature

How Multiplex Signature Can Help You?

  • Improve timing and intensity of cluster micro-climate management according to its effect on total anthocyanins time profile. 
  • Measure the efficiency of operations involving canopy size and shape manipulation, canopy cooling techniques. 
  • Relate Nitrogen and water uptake with  their potential effect on berry total anthocyanin levels;
  • Support the timing of  harvest date decision.


Check out this article for a detailed example on how to use Multiplex Signature

Also, here is a video about Multiplex

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