The purpose of stratified sampling is to remove sources of noise when collecting vineyard data. In turn, analyzing  “cleaner” data improves the ability to monitor vineyard performances precisely. To implement a stratified sampling strategy, it is necessary to focus: over a small vineyard area so we can remove the effect […]

During maceration, red wine develops its phenolic and aromatic profile. The outcome of maceration depends on multiple factors including fruit composition, chemical processes and winemaking techniques. How do common winemaking techniques affect the chemical and sensory properties of wine? Federico Casassa presented on this topic at our 2016 Vintage Report […]

Historical context Why measuring sap flow leads to understanding nutrient uptake? All vine organs are connected via the sap. Thanks to the flow of sap, nutrients are distributed to plant organs. For the last 10 years sap flow technogies have given new insights into how much water flows from vine […]