In the previous blog post, we provided an overview of common methods used in picking harvest dates. This blog post will dive more into how picking date influences tannin development and the linkage between tannin structure and the perception of wine astringency. Condensed tannins found in berry skins and seeds […]

Several definitions exist to characterize grape berry maturity: technological, aromatic, polyphenolic, and enological:   Technological maturity is the time point beyond which berries do not accumulate more sugar and do not lose any more acidity. Phenolic maturity takes into account the quantitative and qualitative evolution of the berry polyphenols in the skin (anthocyanin […]

As we enter veraison, we observe that the window during which berries are changing color is stretching due to the weather cooling off. What does this mean for the uniformity of ripening? Traditionally it is assumed  that the rate of ripening is uniform between berries. Consequently, when a berry turns […]