How much does vine transpiration increase during a heat wave? To address that question, a team of Australian researchers led by Edwards reported the following observations in 2011.While working in a greenhouse with Cabernet Sauvignon, researchers generated  a 2-day high-temperature event by imposing maximum daytime temperatures near 41°C.  Before imposing the […]

The purpose of stratified sampling is to remove sources of noise when collecting vineyard data. In turn, analyzing  “cleaner” data improves the ability to monitor vineyard performances precisely. To implement a stratified sampling strategy, it is necessary to focus: over a small vineyard area so we can remove the effect […]

Vineyards often have to cope with a great deal of variability. Within the same vineyard, vine physiology and fruit composition can vary wildly from one block to the next due to differences in climate, vine water status and vineyard management practices. Therefore, it is often not enough to base your […]