CONTEXT Regardless of irrigation regime, canopy size can affect yield and berry quality attributes particularly under semiarid conditions. It may sound counterintuitive at first but, despite their “luxuriant look”, vines with higher canopies often experience a greater degree of water stress towards the end of the season. If there […]

Why Use the Two Color Map? Multiplex two color mapping is useful to support the following question around picking decision timing: “Can I source enough fruit from a uniformly colored area to fill one tank size at harvest?“ The multiplex two color mapping helps highlight areas with different color concentrations within your vineyard. The speed […]

Why Use Multiplex Map? Multiplex Map is useful to support the following decisions: How to refine harvest zone; How to highlight differences within your vineyard and select fruit with a similar ripening trajectory. What Is Multiplex Map? With Multiplex Map you can monitor spatial distribution in total anthocyanins from individual clusters. Measurements […]

What is Multiplex Signature? Multiplex Signature collects data on the same plants over multiple dates to reveal the speed of color accumulation. The measurements are typically done between veraison and harvest. Figure 1: Timeline showing fruit development period; Multiplex measurement are made during the “measuring period” in red   Multiplex […]

What is the  relationship between fruit color and wine color concentration? A strong, positive relationship exists between  anthocyanin (i.e. color)  concentration in grape and in wine (source). However, all anthocyanins accumulated in the skin are not completely extracted into the wine. For that reason, even if a relationship exists, the total amount of anthocyanins  extracted […]