Throughout the Vintage Report, Thibaut Scholasch, PhD, co-Founder and VP of Research and Development at Fruition Sciences, highlighted data trends during the 2017 growing season via transitional talks between the Vintage Report’s various speakers.  He placed the day’s speakers and topics within the context of the growing season, and shared […]

Leaving more growing nodes per vine at pruning (to increase vine productivity)  and applying  deficit irrigation strategies (to increase fruit and wine quality) are are widely used  practices, particularly in high yielding vineyards under  warm climate. However one may ask how those practices impact vineyard longevity and sustainability ? To […]

One of the main challenges for a winegrower before harvest is : “where is it best to sample?” and “how many locations do I need to sample to get a reliable estimate?” In this blog we discuss how to design a sampling scheme to best capture vineyard spatial variability. The plant […]