Continuing with the 2017 Napa Vintage Report presentation summaries, today’s article is focused on winegrape phenology with Elizabeth M. Wolkovich, and ripening dynamics with Nicolas Bernard. Modeling the future of winegrape phenology As the second scientific speaker following the keynote address at the Napa Vintage Report, Elizabeth M. Wolkovich,  Assistant Professor, Department of Organismic […]

If you read this blog you are probably interested in understanding the complexity of vine response to contrasted environmental conditions. Everyday scientific results shed new light on plant mechanisms which, if they are properly understood, can help the winegrower optimizing his practices. Today, we discuss the relationship between :root temperature, […]

Leaving more growing nodes per vine at pruning (to increase vine productivity)  and applying  deficit irrigation strategies (to increase fruit and wine quality) are are widely used  practices, particularly in high yielding vineyards under  warm climate. However one may ask how those practices impact vineyard longevity and sustainability ? To […]