Tannin is a key determinant of astringency in wines. Dr. Kennedy’s talk at our 2015 Vintage Report conference in Napa explores how tannin structure interacts with tannin activity in the presence of other factors like climate and management practices. Dr. Kennedy is one of the leading experts in the subject […]

In the previous blog entry, we discussed how different winemaking techniques impact wine sensory properties and phenolic contents. It’s interesting to see how variations in winemaking techniques can interact with variations in viticultural decisions. As we pointed out previously, harvesting decisions play a key role in fruit and wine quality. […]

Fruition Sciences attended the Giesco conference, which took place in Gruissan and Montpellier, France between May 31st and June 5th. The Giesco is an international group of experts in viticulture who discuss findings about the newest trends in vineyard research and their consequences on fruit and wine composition. Because the group involves […]