In the previous blog post, we provided an overview of common methods used in picking harvest dates. This blog post will dive more into how picking date influences tannin development and the linkage between tannin structure and the perception of wine astringency. Condensed tannins found in berry skins and seeds […]

The use of NDVI in agriculture is not a new idea. With numerous studies demonstrating NDVI’s ability to help winegrowers understand vine vigor among other use cases, the number of NDVI providers has exploded in recent years. With the vast number of choices available, winegrowers may have trouble evaluating different […]

Nitrogen absorption is one of the key contributors to vine vigor and fruit quality. While nitrogen deficiency can limit vine growth, excessive nitrogen could lead to problems such as excessive shoot growth and shading. Nitrogen absorption mainly happens in two phases: between flowering and veraison and in the fall. Getting […]