Physiological Maturity   Although it is out of the sequence of the current growing season, this week I will address a more general stylistic topic – physiological maturity. One of the more fascinating aspects of the marketing of wine is the way scientific or quasi-scientific terms are thrown around to […]

Review of 2017 Pruning   In February I had the pleasure to spend four days pruning with the Simonit and Sirch team from Italy – Marco Simonit, Alessandro Zanutta and Marco Tessari – in a number of Silver Oak and Twomey vineyards. What is more basic to viticulture than pruning? […]

Phenolics within the grape play an important role in a wine’s sensorial properties, such as color, astringency, mouthfeel, and bitterness. For example, increasing the size of tannin molecules will increase astringency, or a higher level of epicatechin-3-O-gallate (ECG) will lead to more chalky dryness and a lower coarseness.  Thus, vineyard […]

Blog update   We would like to thank you very much for visiting our blog! Each month we are thrilled to have thousands of individual visitors reading our articles. We are also glad to announce the new Industry Corner category in Fruition sciences blog. At Fruition sciences, we truly believe […]